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Sunshine Coast Suburb Profile: Caloundra

  • Date Listed 30th Nov
  • Written by Tanja Le Roux

The Sunshine Coast is full of stunning scenery and beaches that make it one of the most unique destinations in the entire world. The laid back lifestyle is one of the reasons why so many people are flocking to the Coast; not just as a holiday spot, but also as a place to live, work, and raise a family.

Today, we’re going to talk about a place that epitomises the appeal of the Sunshine Coast – Caloundra. Often dubbed the ‘Southern Belle’ of the Coast, Caloundra is a coastal hotspot known for its unique blend of nature, culture, and places to explore.

During this article, we’ll cover everything that makes Caloundra special, as well as do a deep dive into the local property market.

What Makes Caloundra Special?

Located at the southern tip, Caloundra marks the beginning of a stretch of coastline that we collectively refer to as the Sunshine Coast. Only an hour’s drive from Brisbane, the town is easily accessible for locals, interstate visitors, and international tourists.

Featuring the iconic Moreton Bay Marine Park and Kings Beach, the area is home to pristine beaches and amazing native wildlife. In fact, Caloundra was even awarded the prestigious title of ‘Queensland’s Top Tourism Town.’

However, it’s not only known for natural marvels and attractions. Over recent years, Caloundra has quickly emerged as a hub of creativity, arts, and culture. This includes everything from street art displays to local galleries, eateries, and much more. As those who both live and visit here would tell you, it’s much more than your average coastal beach town.

What About the Local Property Market?

As you can probably guess, its many attractions make property in Caloundra highly sought after. This is reflected in the median house price for units, which has risen from $440,000 in 2018 all the way to its current figure of $650,000. If you’re an investor or looking to make a new start in Caloundra, there is a silver lining right now. This median figure has actually dropped from a peak of $770,000 in October of 2021, meaning that now may be the perfect time to secure your dream property on the Coast.

As is the case in many other areas of the Sunshine Coast, rentals are becoming more and more prominent. According to the most recent data, the number of units available is roughly four times that of the amount of houses in the suburb of Caloundra.

From an investment perspective, the current vacancy rate of 0.94% reflects the high demand for rental properties. This means that as a landlord, there is certainly no shortage of tenants.

Thinking about investing in Caloundra? Read our recent article on the Top 7 Investment Hotspots on the Sunshine Coast.

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5 Things to See and Do

1. Pumicestone Passage

The Pumicestone Passage stands out as a 35km ecological wonder within the Moreton Bay Marine Park. This pristine waterway offers visitors a myriad of aquatic adventures, whether it’s navigating the sparkling blue waters on a pontoon boat from Bill’s Boat & Bike Hire or opting for a more serene experience on a stand-up paddleboard or kayak from Golden Beach Hire.

Thrill-seekers can level-up their experience with activities like jet skiing with Caloundra Jet Ski or mastering the electric hydrofoil with Sunshine Coast Boardsports. As the day winds down, a recommended highlight is witnessing the sun setting over the Glass House Mountains, a breathtaking spectacle best enjoyed on a Caloundra Cruise.

2. Kings Beach and Coastal Pathway

Follow the coastal pathway to the captivating Kings Beach, offering a refreshing dip in the Sunshine Coast’s only ocean pool. The experience is enriched by feeling the sea salt and warmth of the sun on your skin as waves crash onto the rocks.

The coastal exploration extends to other nearby beaches, each with its unique charm – from the rock pools of Shelly Beach to the relaxed atmospheres of Golden Beach, Moffat Beach, and Dicky Beach. This coastal stretch provides not only a visual feast but also an opportunity for a sun-soaked and invigorating seaside escape.

3. Downtown Caloundra Street Art Trail

Downtown Caloundra has transformed into an urban creative hub, inviting visitors to explore its rich history and culture through a captivating street art trail. Commencing at the Caloundra Regional Gallery and winding through Lamkin Lane, Bulcock Street, and Williamson Lane, the 1.7km loop offers a visual journey of artistic expression.

Along the way, diverse cafes and eateries like White Picket Fence, Holy Taco, Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar, The Pastry Lab, and Sandbar Café provide delightful pit stops. This immersive experience not only showcases the town’s artistic spirit but also invites travellers to savour local flavours and appreciate the fusion of art and urban life

4. Caloundra Street Fair

Every Sunday morning, the Caloundra Street Fair comes alive with more than 120 unique stalls, creating a vibrant atmosphere filled with enticing aromas, fresh juices, local produce, handcrafted products, and live music. Navigating through the fair becomes a sensory delight as visitors are drawn to sweet treats and the creative offerings of local artisans.

The fair provides a communal space where locals and tourists converge, fostering a sense of community and celebrating the region’s diverse offerings. This weekly event adds a flavorful and festive dimension to the Caloundra experience.

5. Caloundra Music Festival and Cultural Hub

For all the music lovers out there, the Caloundra Music Festival, held annually in the second half of the year, beckons with beats from some of the country’s most talented musicians. It’s an auditory feast set against the picturesque backdrop of Caloundra. Beyond the festival, the town’s cultural hub is evident in its creative scene, with the street art trail and venues like The Events Centre providing a year-round platform for live music and performances.

Visitors can extend their stay in style at accommodations such as Rumba Beach Resort, Oaks Sunshine Coast Oasis Resort, or Monaco Apartments, enhancing the overall experience of this cultural and musical gem on the Sunshine Coast.

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