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Buying, selling or leasing on the Sunshine Coast? It’s always important to have local expertise on your side. That’s where We Do Property comes in. With experienced real estate agents in Little Mountain, our team has expert knowledge of the local property market, and is dedicated to helping you achieve your property goals.

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  • well-connected
    Established trusted networks, local industry knowledge and property experience.
  • streamlined
    A streamlined approach to every step of your property journey
  • no-hidden-fees
    Transparent fee structure
  • management-based
    Extensive knowledge of local laws and real estate compliance
  • outstanding-communication
    Effective communication with regular updates on your property
  • tenant-screening
    Sourcing the right tenant or buyer for your property

Streamline Your Investment with Real Estate Agents in Little Mountain

Whether you’re a veteran investor or venturing out for the first time, we have experienced real estate agents in Little Mountain that are ready to provide a tailored property management service. We have the knowledge and experience to assist with a wide variety of legal, finance and logistical issues.

We Do properties dedicated to client outcomes start at the top. Tanja Le Roux, our Owner and Principal Licensee, has a passion for connecting people with places – particularly opportunities that represent excellent value for money. After countless years in the industry, Tanja has built a strong network of clients and stakeholders that appreciate her easy-going nature, honesty and attention to detail.

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Our Process
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initial_contact Initial Contact
Step 1

Whether your goal is to sell your property, lease your investment property, or embark on your journey as an investor in the local market, your pivotal first step is to contact us on 07 5337 6495. From here, our dedicated team will leverage their expertise to thoroughly understand your unique situation and navigate you through every step of your property journey.

property Preparing Your Property for Success
Step 2

If you’re planning to sell your home or have recently acquired an investment property that you wish to lease, our team delivers a first-class tailored marketing strategy that will attract high-quality buyers or tenants.

checks Checks and Balances
Step 3

Every property listing requires research and preparation. Our agents diligently prepare all the details, such as condition reports, property maintenance, and contractual obligations, giving you peace of mind. Once these tasks are complete, your property will be ready to be listed.

tenant Buyers and tenant Screening
Step 4

At We Do Property, one of our top priorities is knowing the status of our potential buyers and completing thorough assessments of tenants to ensure we find the optimal match.

investment Property Adventure Begins
Step 5

As you get ready to list your property, negotiate sales contracts, approve tenants, and finalise leases, we will be there to support you every step of the way throughout your property journey. We meticulously oversee your property’s performance, handle any property-related matters, and provide you with regular updates and progress reports. Our dedicated team is available to address any issues that may arise. These comprehensive services are seamlessly integrated into our end-to-end property management solutions.

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Benefits of Working with a Property Agent

Embarking on a journey to sell a house or lease your property can be overwhelming. That’s why our team at We Do Property is dedicated to guiding you through the process with confidence and peace of mind. Our proficient property real estate agents offer a variety of benefits to meet your specific needs.

By partnering with us, you can benefit from our expertise, which includes:

  • Personalised advertising and marketing strategies for maximum exposure.
  • Diligent tenant and buyer screening procedures.
  • Thorough inspections and maintenance solutions for optimal property conditions and returns.
  • Streamlined documentation and accounting services for hassle-free management.
  • Use of up-to-date Applications, to allow for seamless management and maintenance processes
  • Seamless rental collection and payment plans for sales and marketing packages.

In addition, we offer a range of other valuable services customised to meet your specific requirements. Our dedicated property agents can help you transform your sales and property management journey.

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    We recently made the decision to entrust our property management needs to We Do Property on the Sunshine Coast, following our dissatisfaction with our previous agency. Living in a different town, it was crucial for us to have… more

    Mandy Maybanks
  • icon icon icon icon icon

    We Do Property took over my rental property in late December. They have looked after myself and tenants with great respect and tact. Tanja as the principal has ethics and kindness as her highest values and that shines… more

    Gabriella Palomares
  • icon icon icon icon icon

    I highly recommend Tanja from We Do Property. Her meticulous attention to detail, proactive problem-solving, and excellent communication set her apart. Tanja genuinely cares about clients’ needs and consistently goes above and beyond. For top-notch property management, she’s… more

    Joel Petersen
  • icon icon icon icon icon

    My first experience at leasing a residential property for quite some time. I found Tanja and her team at We do Property very professional and honest and open in discussions, the team also have high regard for finding… more

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    Tanja and Danikah are both professional, friendly and always willing to help. We are extremely happy with their service and would recommend We Do Property to anyone looking for property management on the Sunshine Coast.

    Schae Armstrong
  • icon icon icon icon icon

    Tanja at We Do Properties is a dream agent! I honestly didn’t know such exceptional service within Property Management existed within Australia. Having dealt with many real-estate agents over the years, as both a home owner leasing a… more

    Talei Renee
  • icon icon icon icon icon

    I am so glad that when I asked on Facebook for suggestions for a good property manager that many people said Tanja at We Do Property. From the beginning when she came to our home, we were so… more

    Michele Ambrose
  • icon icon icon icon icon

    Tanja is an exceptional property manager who makes the renting experience truly outstanding. Her communication skills, attention to detail, and care for both tenants and property owners is incredible. Tanja is responsive, proactive, and ensures property maintenance is… more

    Fiona Read
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    Tanja’s service is second to none, working along side her on listings as her photographer has been an absolute treat. The amount of care and pride that goes into each property is incredible. It is an absolute joy… more

    Sally Taylor
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    Tanja was/is a pleasure to deal with. Nothing was ever too much trouble and every part of the process was stress free, smooth and easy. Thank you We Do Property! Highly recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions
Things to know about property management
Why should I choose We Do Property as my real estate agents in Little Mountain?

We Do Property sets itself apart with its extensive local knowledge of Little Mountain and surrounding areas. Our real estate agents, being Little Mountain locals, understand the unique needs of the community. We offer end-to-end service solutions and prioritise superior client service.

How do your real estate agents in Little Mountain utilise artificial intelligence in property management?

Our real estate agents harness the power of artificial intelligence to predict market trends for more effective advising of our clients. AI is also used in tenant screening processes, analysing prospective tenant’s data to predict their reliability.

In addition to being real estate agents, what other property services does We Do Property in Little Mountain offer?

We Do Property offers comprehensive real estate solutions to clients. Alongside buying, selling, and renting, we manage properties, undertake project builds, and have a thorough understanding of the intricate property market of Little Mountain.

What sets We Do Property apart from other real estate agent firms in Little Mountain?

We Do Property prides itself on being not just real estate agents but partners in your property journey. We aim to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients by providing superior, personalised service, creating a trustful and reliable interaction.

Is it beneficial to get services from local real estate agents in Little Mountain?

Absolutely. Real estate agents who are local to Little Mountain have an intimate knowledge of the property market, community, and have a strong network throughout the area. This allows them to deal with real estate issues efficiently and provide tailored services.

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Finding Excellent Real Estate Agents in Little Mountain

Interested in the Little Mountain rental market? As an investor, it’s important to work with rental-focused real estate agents that know the various ins and outs of the local market. At We Do Property, our agents are well versed in the current tenancy laws, as well as all of the obligations you need to fulfil as the landlord.

Before getting in touch with a real estate professional, take a moment to ponder these vital questions:

  • Am I able to navigate the intricate real estate process?
  • Am I equipped to handle all the finer details?
  • Do I feel confident enough to negotiate with tenants?

Feeling uncertain? There’s no need to worry; this is exactly why our property management services exist. We offer a flexible approach that is specifically built around your needs. Our end-to-end service for investors is designed to provide just the right level of support you require.

We look forward to getting to know you and assisting you with your property venture in Palmview. Contact us now to begin.


Uncovering the Finest Investment Opportunities with Real Estate Agents in Little Mountain

The Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s fastest growing property markets. As a result, it is full of exciting investment prospects. If you’re currently thinking about an investment, our real estate agents know Little Mountain like the back of their hand. This includes an in-depth knowledge of Little Mountain’s rental prices.

Leveraging this extensive local knowledge, we can help you pinpoint existing properties that align with your future investment goals. At We Do Property, our commitment to assisting you doesn’t end after the sale; we’re here to support you through the entire rental process, from finding tenants all the way to lease renewals.

For more information about our fee structure, please click here.


Unmatched Service and Professionalism

At We Do Property, we believe in offering our clients service that is second to none. Our dedicated real estate agents in Palmview make a point to be transparent, honest, and flexible in order to provide each client with personalised service that suits their specific needs and circumstances. We diligently guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that every aspect of your property transaction is handled with remarkable precision and efficiency.

With us, you are not just another client, but a valued partner. We aim to create a long-lasting relationship with our clients by providing exceptional service that breeds trust and confidence. So whether you are buying, selling or renting property in Little Mountain, you can rest assured that our agents will offer you a professional and reliable service that puts your interests first.


Why Choose Us As Your Real Estate Agents in Little Mountain?

Choosing the right real estate agency can be crucial to the success of your property transactions. That’s why so many Little Mountain residents trust us for all their real estate needs- but why choose We Do Property?

  • Our extensive local knowledge: As residents of Sunshine Coast and Little Mountain, we have intimate knowledge of the local property markets and understand the unique needs and tastes of local residents.
  • Our end-to-end service solutions: From helping you find properties with real investment potential, to creating eye-catching online advertisements and screening prospective tenants, we offer all-inclusive property solutions that cover every aspect of your property journey.
  • Our superior client service: Our team of dedicated real estate agents are committed to providing unmatched client service, ensuring every client is treated with respect, transparency, and professionalism.

We are more than just real estate agents; we are your partners in your property journey. Our mission is to help you achieve your property goals with maximum efficiency and minimum stress. Call us today on 07 5337 6495 to discuss how we can assist you in navigating the Little Mountain property market.